Me? Okay. I’m Noi. Born in a country below the wind. BORNEO SABAH. Don’t ask about my age. You already know that i’m young. LOL. I have this big dreams of mine. I really wanna travel the world. See what’s out there. Searching the meaning of life. I wanna live as long as I can. If I can, I wanna travel until I reach my limit. I wanna see different cultures, diversities, people, amazing places that I used to watched on the TV. I’ve been through a lot in  my life so I think I can manage this big dreams. I will travel  along with my precious ukelele. I love to sing. So, if you meet me somewhere in this big world, don’t be shy to talk to me. I may look fierce from the outside but you’ll never know before you try. LET’S LIVE OUR LIFE PEOPLE.