My First Travel in Cambodia

Hola amigos

It’s story time. I never expect that I will travel the world. It’s a small step but huge impact to myself. I always dream about going out there. See beyond my country. I never had that courage to make a kickstarts for my dream. But then, there’s a person who really motivate me to do so. SUPPORT ME. So then, I ask him “Let’s go to Cambodia”. Where the famous Tomb Raider temple, Angkor Wat, great food, great beer, and the journey start. On the 10th Oct 2016, we booked the flight to Siem Reap. But unfortunately, we arrived the next day because we took the fligth from JB airport. YEAH! it’s worth the time. The moment we arrived, we hop on a tuk-tuk(remork) and try to find our mysterious hostel which was difficult to find if you still new in town.




After arriving in Siem Reap, we went and searched for our hostel. TIPSY TURTLE HOSTEL. It’s  a new hostel (3 months old). We’re going in a circle but actually it’s just in front of us. ARRIVED AT THE AFTERNOON. The hostel was very basic but the staff were very friendly (same age with me) and no to mention, they have Canadian Caesar. But I don’t have a chance to taste it. Thanks to our budget. The good things about Cambodia was there’s a time that the beer just half of the price. And if you want a free beer, go to GARDEN VILLAGE GUESTHOUSE. But, buy some food there okay. The cheapest is 2USD.


The second day, we woke up so fucking early just to go to the temple to see the sunrise but all I can see was a bunch of clouds. DISAPPOINTED. We went there by bike. Can you imagine that? We make a race with each other and some bikers. HAHAHA. 45 minutes later, we arrived. Oh yeah, don’t forget to buy your entrance ticket. (20USD per person). We spent the whole day only in the temple. IT’S MASSIVE.From Angkor Wat to Bayon Temple down to Ta Phrom, LORD HELP ME. Such a long day. PLUS, I got BUTT CRAMP too. LOL. 



We also try some bizzare food. Snake, rat. It’s tasty but it’s fun  to try. Here, some photos that I capture.


On the 14th. October. 2016 I have to say goodbye to Cambodia and my sweet monkey guy. But we gonna meet again someday. Overall, Cambodia was amazing. I would come back here again with my sweet monkey guy. I only spent 3days in Siem Reap. It’s worth my time.



I'm a traveller, complicated adult, love to plan everything so even it didn't go well i still have plan B C D...etc.. lol.. i'm gonna start a whole new adventure starting next year with my white monkey ( boyfriend) ..

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