My Ukey


Fuhhh, four days i didn’t do anything in this blog. I got no idea for now on the blog but then I think about my ukulele. it’s was my gift when I was working in  Tioman  island last year. At first, I didn’t how to play this things but then I look on  YouTube ,   Google ,  Instagram etc. So now, I can play my ukulele with  blindfolded .  AMAZING…! hahaha. Since no one give me compliments so I write my own then. I have my own channel on YouTube exactly but yeah sometimes I’m so fucking lazy to upload but i’m gonna do it. I love to sing. Whenever i’m upset I will start to sing. I practice everyday with my ukey. We are best friend forever.



I'm a traveller, complicated adult, love to plan everything so even it didn't go well i still have plan B C D...etc.. lol.. i'm gonna start a whole new adventure starting next year with my white monkey ( boyfriend) ..

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