Beginner Blogger

Hello world,

So this is my first blog ever and my first introduction to the world of Internet. In this blog it’s just a random blog. I will share everything here like my trips, photographs, stories about people around me, opinions, foods, and maybe the stories of my life and of course with a lot of pictures awaits. Okay then, let me introduce myself, my full name is Noor Hayati Minggu(typical Malay name) but PLEASE call me Noi. I was born in Borneo ( Sabah) at my house. I’m a Gemini so that’s mean i’m a bit complicated. Now, i’m 23 years old and i have a lot of things to do in my life. In that case, i created this blog so whenever i got exciting stories can show it to you guys and i guarantee it’s gonna be fun. I hope you guys will enjoy my blog soon as i start to write down everything in here



I'm a traveller, complicated adult, love to plan everything so even it didn't go well i still have plan B C D...etc.. lol.. i'm gonna start a whole new adventure starting next year with my white monkey ( boyfriend) ..

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